19-03-24 Fixing things

Went to Olivone this weekend to fix some stuff, install the new Amec AIS, install the new Victron Fwd charger, Install the Fwd Victron BMV-712 and finnaly get som power into the batteries.

Fwd battery bank, shunt for the BMV-712 and the new charger (will fix a good setup for all the loose cables later on). Here you can also the the control panel for the macerator pumps that is used to move black water from one tank to another.

Project: AIS Amec 108S

Now the turn has come to swap out the Garim AIS 300 (AIS-reciever) to a AIS-transponder. After reading a lot of tests and reviews we choosed a Amec Camino 108S. The reason for that was that it has the features that we where looking for, integrated splitter, NMEA200 interface, possibility to program the MMSI number by your selv.

The installation on Olivone will take about 10 minutes since all the wiring already is in place for the Garmin 300. There is also a “silent” function which means that you recieve but not sending data. Looks like it is a simple solution of close a circuit, the box for that costed 60 Eur, im gona fix that with a home made switch instead.

Programing the MMSI number was a piece of cake, Amec has all the SW needed availeable at their site (no need to go looking for your old DVD- reader) including new FW. Just download the AIS configuration tool. install it, connect the AIS with the provided USB cable (no need for external power) and fill in the needed information about the vessel. Save to unit and then you are good to go.

Everything is included in the box, even an tiny GPS-reciever, i think that is intended for indoor use which suits us fine since the placement of the unit is just under deck.

The port layout on the unit is pretty self exainatory (it is hard to put the wrong cable in the wrong port). I will come back later on with how the installation went and how well it performs in reality.

Did install the Amec AIS this weekend and it took about 10 minutes since all the cables already was in place for the Garmin AIS300.

Verdict so far: 9 out of 10.