19-04-22 Aft solar panel mounted

Last weekend we spent 3 full days preparing the boat to be put back in water again. Liselott was in charge of the polishing and waxing as well as new bottom paint. I did fix a lot of other stuff one of them was to mount the new Aft solarpanel. It is a 100W Solarmare touch panel that can give us an extra 6 amps of power. The location is probably the best on the boat since there is less things that can shaow it in this location. Took some time to get the wiring done since there is other stuff inside the cockpit-rail that you have to go throug (disassemble the inner roof in the aft cabin). Im pretty happy with the result and i dont think that it looks to bad.

Had to build a new box for the panel.
The panel has hinges so we can open the aft hatch as a emergency exit.
You can easily push the panel top open with the hatch.