Anchors is always interesting, everyone has their favourite. Here is what im using on Olivone today:

  1. Bow anchor: Rockna 25 kg
  2. Stern anchor: Original Bruce 15 kg
  3. Spare anchor: Delta 20 kg
  4. Spare anchor: Bruce copy 7.5 kg

For the bow anchor we have 40 meters of 8mm chain. For the stern anchor we have 40 meters of 16mm multiplait rope on a rope reel.

Rocna 25 Kg

Ive had the Rocna 25 kg for a couple of years now as a bow anchor and i have to say that im pretty impressed with the anchor. It set immediately and it really holds, tested it in 13 M/S approx 26 knots. Maybe one helping factor is that in the Baltic sea there are mostly mud, but my 1000w windlass have a really tough job to get it up.

Verdict: 10 out of 10

Delta 20 Kg

Had this as a bow anchor on Alwa, but we did not use it that frequently and when we did, it did not do that great of a job (dragged and was hard to set). Have it as a spare anchor today.

Verdict: 5 out of 10

Original bruce 15 Kg

Using it as a stern anchor, sets really good and holds Olivone for at least 10 m/s (20 knots) directy to the side.

Verdict: 9 out of 10

Bruce copy 7.5 Kg

Real cheap anchor, really dont know what im going to use it for, maybe as a second anchor when we are going bow to the cliffs to secure the boat from wind changes.

Verdict: N/A, havent tested it