19-05-15 Watermaker installation part 1

Well now ive finally started to install the new watermaker, there is a lot of plumbing to do with filters, low-preasure pump and the unit itself. I think i have thought out the layout now for filters and the fresh water flushing bucket.

I will come back with a more extensive post about this along with pictures. Im really eager to get it done and take the watermaker for a test run.

19-04-22 Aft solar panel mounted

Last weekend we spent 3 full days preparing the boat to be put back in water again. Liselott was in charge of the polishing and waxing as well as new bottom paint. I did fix a lot of other stuff one of them was to mount the new Aft solarpanel. It is a 100W Solarmare touch panel that can give us an extra 6 amps of power. The location is probably the best on the boat since there is less things that can shaow it in this location. Took some time to get the wiring done since there is other stuff inside the cockpit-rail that you have to go throug (disassemble the inner roof in the aft cabin). Im pretty happy with the result and i dont think that it looks to bad.

Had to build a new box for the panel.
The panel has hinges so we can open the aft hatch as a emergency exit.
You can easily push the panel top open with the hatch.

19-03-24 Fixing things

Went to Olivone this weekend to fix some stuff, install the new Amec AIS, install the new Victron Fwd charger, Install the Fwd Victron BMV-712 and finnaly get som power into the batteries.

Fwd battery bank, shunt for the BMV-712 and the new charger (will fix a good setup for all the loose cables later on). Here you can also the the control panel for the macerator pumps that is used to move black water from one tank to another.

Project: AIS Amec 108S

Now the turn has come to swap out the Garim AIS 300 (AIS-reciever) to a AIS-transponder. After reading a lot of tests and reviews we choosed a Amec Camino 108S. The reason for that was that it has the features that we where looking for, integrated splitter, NMEA200 interface, possibility to program the MMSI number by your selv.

The installation on Olivone will take about 10 minutes since all the wiring already is in place for the Garmin 300. There is also a “silent” function which means that you recieve but not sending data. Looks like it is a simple solution of close a circuit, the box for that costed 60 Eur, im gona fix that with a home made switch instead.

Programing the MMSI number was a piece of cake, Amec has all the SW needed availeable at their site (no need to go looking for your old DVD- reader) including new FW. Just download the AIS configuration tool. install it, connect the AIS with the provided USB cable (no need for external power) and fill in the needed information about the vessel. Save to unit and then you are good to go.

Everything is included in the box, even an tiny GPS-reciever, i think that is intended for indoor use which suits us fine since the placement of the unit is just under deck.

The port layout on the unit is pretty self exainatory (it is hard to put the wrong cable in the wrong port). I will come back later on with how the installation went and how well it performs in reality.

Did install the Amec AIS this weekend and it took about 10 minutes since all the cables already was in place for the Garmin AIS300.

Verdict so far: 9 out of 10.

Project: Autohelm linear drive check

When be bought olivone she had all of the original technical stuff, basically nothing had been swapped out (everything was working but really old). There where even some strange old GPS-system (Philips branded) that just could show coordinates. We still have the old casette tape player mounted (will be taken out of commision as soon as i find something nice to cover the hole with). One of the things that we refitted was the old autohelm auto.pilot system. We choosed a new Raymarine system and the only reason for that was that they still use the same linear drive unit and by that we could use the old unit as a spare part (took 5 minutes to swap it). On the really old drive units Autohelm was using a plastic gearbox that could be worn down (there are replacement kits with steel gears availeable). SO i decided to take the ols drive apart to check the status of the gearbox and this is the results of that. Even if the gearbox was made of platics it looked to be in good condition so i just cleaned it from a little bit of dust and assembled it again.


Project: Featherstream anodes

We need to change the anode for the Featherstream propeller at least every other year. Darglow engineering which is the company that made the prop is also the only manufacturer of anondes, Darglow is a really good company and i did get really good help from them when i bought the propeller. The anodes are custom made to fit the propeller:

These are really expensive ones about 50 Eur each with shipping cost from UK to Sweden. I found other anodes at a local hardware store that with a little tuning will fit perfectly, cost per anode about 11 Eur.


Project: new cockpit floor

The old cockpit floor hade done it’s job (probably from where the boat was new in 1991). Last summer it started to fall apart.


I started to look around for alternatives, find something similar that could be used (a new copy would probably cost around 1000 Eur). No luck with that so i started to look for which material to use (ordinary teak costs about 50 Eur per meter), at the end i found a material named “Guyana teak”, went to the lumber yard to take a look at it, looked really good and i went with that (10 Eur per meter). This is the result:


Total cost was about 80 Euro and about 8 hours of work.